Silisponge … V … Beauty Blender

I have never really been a fan of the beauty blender. Sure when it first exploded into the make-up industry I had to get one to see what all the hype was about but I was never really impressed. Instead I just turned back to my brushes as they are also way faster at applying foundation and concealer. So in the past couple on months the silisponge has been introduced to the market and I couldn’t wait to try it. With the beauty blender I just felt it was absorbing all my foundation and I was always using way more product when using it but I do agree the finish is quite flawless but time-consuming. So I then decided to put these two products to the test and see how the differences. 

The silissponge retails for about €9 but penny’s recently had their version for just €2…a bargain!! The beauty blender retails for anything from €6 to €20 but also penny’s (Primark) has them for just €1.50!!! I wanted to but the top brands to the test so that’s what my review is based on today.

So the silisponge looks like a bra insert and my fiance actually thought it was one and was wondering why I only had one !!! Youtubers actually have tried using them though!! There is absolutely NO product absorbed and washed. It applies beautifully and spreads easily and evenly all over the face. The angled side is great for applying concealer and applying product around the nose and under eye area. You really use minimal product with this sponge. One thing I love is how easy it is to clean, just rinse it under the tap and its spotless and ready for your next application. The only downfall I found was that it’s not the best tool for applying your bake so the beauty blender wins there.

The beauty blender on the other hand does do a great good at providing a flawless finish but it can soak up a lot of product and can go mouldy and need to be replaced often. It can also be time-consuming to apply foundation with a beauty blender. It’s great for applying the bake and this is what I use this tool for.

If I were to choose one it would have to be the Silisponge. I love it for the hygiene reasons and also the fact that it does not waste any product. The beauty blender is still in my make-up bag for applying my bake but I have and possibly always will dislike it for applying foundation.


Áine xox


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