Green Tea – Yay or Nay ???

Our health and well-being is now at the center of a major world debate. Obesity rates are higher than ever and with that comes increased risk of medical issues. In response to this epidemic, we have seen a major increase in the interest and sales relating to health and fitness. I am a healthy weight for my height and size but I do carry a little extra baggage around my stomach and arms. I know to other people looking in it’s not a huge issue but for me it’s all I see so I have really been focusing on my diet and fitness. It’s not that i really want to lose weight…I just want to be healthy!! We you actually look at your diet and take-aways…you can be in for a real shock and I want to change my habits and my ways for both me and my family. So I have started drinking green tea, my preference is with lemon and today I’ll be discussing the benefits claimed by consuming this beverage and my own opinions and results. 

Green Tea Benefits:

Weight loss: So yes, they do say that green tea is great for weight loss but you’re not going to lose weight from just drinking a few cups of green tea daily….unfortunatly. Green  tea can aid fat burning and speeding up your metabolism but of course this is in conjunction with a healthy reduced calorie diet and exercise. There is caffeine in green tea naturally so it can be a great natural energy boost which can help you stay away from those snacks. I do feel this is true as I do feel my energy is balanced and I am not snacking as much and also I usually drink a large mug so after consuming this I also feel full and hydrated. I do think it’s a great healthy aid to weight loss but you still need to put in all the hard work!!!

If you love your green tea with lemon like me, then your are really benefiting from the vitamin C that is naturally in there. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and can help remove toxins from the body. It’s also great for our skin, ligaments, bones, blood vessels and our teeth. It’s also great for your digestive system and can really keep things moving and can even be a natural relief from constipation. With regular consumption it can also help your body absorb more nutrients.

My verdict is YAY!!! I is a taste that you do have to get used to. I find that lemon green tea tastes the best and satisfy my sweet tooth! I doesn’t give ma any major energy boost but I do notice that it helps maintain my energy levels throughout the day. It also has helped me a lot in my digestive department. I can’t really comment on the weight loss element just yet but I know it can help with the absorption and flushing out of toxins. I drink between 2-4 cups a day and it’s a great way to really increase that water intake. I also am prone to kidney infections and since I’ve started drinking green tea consistently I have no issues… thankfully!!! Since starting drinking green tea I have stopped drinking regular tea. This means I am really cutting down on my sugar intake as I used to have two cups of tea daily with 2 sugars!! Above all if I am honest…. it just makes me feel healthy !!!


Áine  xox


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