Mac’s Waterweight V’s Inglot’s AMC Foundation.

Finding that perfect foundation shade can be tricky. Then you realise if you wear tan, that the foundation is too light so you also must find a darker shade to wear when you are wearing tan. Often once we find that great shade and product we get stuck in a rut of continuously using the same product. This was me, but now I enjoy buying different brands to see how they all differ. I have always used MAC as my ‘good make-up’ foundation and switched from studio fix to pro-long ware and the I tried their Studio Waterweight foundation. I used this for some time and just before Christmas I purchased Inglots AMC cream foundation. My skin is quite good (for now) so I don’t really need a full coverage foundation for my day to day foundation. I usually go for light to medium coverage foundations for day time and then medium to full coverage for occasions and those rare nights out (kids). 

The price:

Inglot AMC Cream Foundation – €24.00 (shade MW101)

Mac Studio Waterweight Foundation – €36.50 (shade NW20)

So, there is a bit of a price difference between these products but come on…. ITS MAC!!! You know if you are buying a MAC foundation it will be at least over the €30 mark. Both bottles contain 30ml of foundation. 

Inglot AMC Cream Foundation:

Image result for inglot amc cream foundation

I really love the coverage this foundation gives me. It gives an even and natural finish and you can build up the coverage if you want more coverage. The one thing I love is the dewy finish!! If like me that’s the finish you go for, then you will really enjoy this. It feels heavier on my skin than I thought but the finish makes up for it. It also doesn’t dry out your skin and to touch it up during the day I just used a spritz of MAC Fix +. There are 22 shades available so there is a great selection to choose from and find that perfect shade. The one downfall is that this foundation does not contain any SPF :(. Lucky for me I live in Ireland and it rains or is dull 90% of the time but if you’re lucky enough to live in a country with plenty of sun do bare this in mind. If we do have nice weather and I am wearing foundation I do usually opt for a foundation with a sun protection factor. 

MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation

Image result for mac waterweight foundation

Firstly, as you can tell from the product title this does contain SPF and a high factor which is great. We know that the sun can damage and age our skin so it is always good to ensure that your foundation has a sun protection factor. If I go away on holidays I always bring this foundation as I know my skin is adequately protected. It defiantly on the light coverage side and with a good bit of product you can achieve a good medium coverage. The dropper application is great and dispenses a fair amount of product. Its super light on my skin and you would not think you had any foundation on your face. It’s really hydrating and would be good choice for someone with dry skin. It does not last as long as the inglot foundation and did go slightly patchy at the end of the day. There are 15 shades available in this range. 


Inglot AMC Cream Foundation – 7.5/10

Mac Studio Waterweight Foundation – 7/10

Overall, they are two great quality foundations which are similar in results. The SPF is a huge plus for the MAC Waterweight but the coverage from the Inglot AMC is just that bit better and its wearing time. 

Áine xox

Happy Mother’s Day 


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