Kat Von D …V’s… Makeup Revolution

So recently there has been some controversy over these make-up palettes. Last week tattoo queen Kat Von D called out Makeup Revolution for creating a product that is the exact same as her latest palette. Even the name of the palette is the same!!! We all love a good dupe as the pricing for some of these stars’ palettes can be quite pricey but a complete copy is a little crazy. The packaging are both black and the ‘dupe’ contains similar colours to Kat’s palette. Is this a step too far? Should companies be allowed to make exact copies? 

I’m on Kat’s side. As much as I like the brand Makeup revolution, if I spent months creating a product and a lot of work and effort into creating shades and names and another company copied it exactly…. I would be a little pissed!!! The makeup industry is bursting with competition but just blatantly copying another person’s creation is really not cool. I do see where Makeup Revolution are a cheaper brand and that dupes are now extremely popular but they should have made some more changes. I don’t think it will really effect Kat’s sales as she does have a large following, 2.04 million followers on Twitter to be exact! I think that her fans will want the real thing. The dupe is a good product and is super affordable as it has like Kat’s, contour shades and eye shadows all in the one palette. 

The Kat Von D ‘shade and Light ‘palette retails for €46.00 and the Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour ‘Light and shade’ retails for €10.00 so yes, there is a huge price difference. But the main question on all our minds is how do they compare??? Is it worth splashing out that €46???

Image result for kat von d light and shade

The Kat Von D palette is super pigmented which I absolutely love. A little bit of shadow goes a long way due to the high pigmentation and I had no fallout :). I love how you can create a nice daytime look and a dramatic evening look all with this one palette. It really can take you from day to night with just a small bit of eye shadow. There is even a look book include to give you some inspiration which I think is a great idea. The contour shades don’t exactly match my skin but are also great on the eyes and the peachy colour makes a great blusher. 

Image result for makeup revolution light and shade

The Makeup Revolution palette is not as pigmented as the Kat Von D palette but the shadows are still great for €10. They are easily blendable but there can be some fallout so I recommend doing your eye shadow first before your face. As I have mentioned for €10 this really is a bargain. I usually throw away the brushes that come with these palettes but the fluffy side of the brush that comes with this palette is actually great for blending these shadows which I was really surprised with. They are also all matte shades. 

If I was to pick my favourite it would have to be the Kat Von D Palette as the quality is amazing and I love how pigmented they are and the fact, there is no fallout. The Makeup Revolution palette is a great dupe and a great budget option. You won’t be too disappointed whatever you choose but I must say I do support Kat on this one but I do think she could lower the prices a little to make her range more affordable to all.

Áine xox


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