Growing Your Brows – A Daunting Experience ???

In recent years, it’s all about your brows. There has been a huge surge in brow products with people going as far as tattooing the perfect brows on their face, a process known as embrowdery. Having seen some of these results they are great but they do only last about 18 months and cost a couple of hundred euro. I do think that this is a great breakthrough for people with very fine or no eyebrows. A friend of mine that had lost her eyebrows due to cancer treatment has recently had it done and the confidence it has given her is amazing. No more wondering if it is coming off in the rain or the hassle of applying brows every morning before she leaves the house. Instead of opting for this treatment or the HD brow treatment, I am going this journey alone, cold turkey!!! 

I never knew just how important your eyebrows are for defining your face. We all have our good brow days and bad and we always remind ourselves that they are “sisters not twins”!!! When applying my make-up, the one stage I hate is filling in my brows, we really have a love/hate relationship. Every time I decide to let them grow, I ultimately end up plucking them and I’m back to square one. I have fast growth and thick eye-brows naturally but for some time I have been overplucking and if I don’t give them time to grow back I’m afraid I will have done damage as I already have some sparser parts. 

Every time I have tried to do this a night out or occasion has always got in the way and I end up shaping and fixing them. It really does take great will power to not touch them. I know you can still fill them in but messy brows are just not the trend any more. It thick, arched and defined brows. So, I’m now a week into this process and if I am honest…. I’m starting to struggle. I try not to look in the mirror too much as it’s the first thing my eye is drawn to. I’ve also had a make-up free week to let my skin breath so I haven’t had to look in the mirror too much. 

I apply coconut oil daily and this has made my brow hair look soft and healthy but I haven’t noticed it aiding in my hair growth. I will be continuing this journey and writing some update blogs on this. I am one week in and have four more to go so let’s really see if I can do it and make a difference and resist the temptation of plucking and reach those BROW GOALS!!! 

Áine xox


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