GARNIER Skin Active – Yay or Nay ???

As I’ve mentioned quite a bit, I am very passionate about my skin. I try to keep on top of my skin care routine. Once a week I love to relax for 10-15 minutes and apply a face mask. (It’s my mommy time!!) In the past few weeks I’ve stuck to one mask in particular that has given me great results. I have been using other masks but I really adore this mask. Today you really can pay anything for a face mask. Recently I have come across a Givenchy Le Soin Noir Lace Face Mask that costs a whopping $330!! Imagine if you were to apply this every week!! Another favourite of mine is the Casmara face masks. I use this mask to unclog my pores and find them amazing and fun to apply and remove.

So what is this face mask that works great and is super super cheap??? It the GARNIER Skin Active new Matcha+Kaolin Mask. (That’s a mouthful!!) It’s a purifying green face mask. The smell is just divine, I knew even if I did not find it good I would still buy it from time to time just for that amazing smell.

I bought the mask in my local Penny’s (Primark) store for €1.60 and I’m sure you can pick it up at stores where the GARNIER brand is stocked. The mask is for combination to oily skin. My skin is in good condition and I don’t really get oily skin but this still works great. The ingredients in the mask are Matcha Tea and clay. At first it tingles and then dries and hardens. I leave it on for about 12 minutes and then remove it with cotton wool and warm water. My face is beautiful and matte after using this product and you do get a few days out of it. My skin feels smooth and pure. And the smell does linger on your skin. 

I really love this face mask for both the quality and the price. I would give this mask a 7/10. There is quite a lot of product in the sachet. It would cover a face and a half. I gave the excess to my sister and she applied it to her T-zone. I’m so glad I picked this up and its a great super affordable fask mask that does deliver great results.

Áine xox


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