Baking 101 !!!

So today I thought would be a great day to discuss BAKING. And no….as much as I would love some cookies and brownies right now..I don’t mean that type of baking, I mean MAKE-UP BAKING of course!! In the make-up industry we see so many trends come and go from contouring to strobing and nontouring. Baking is an old make-up technique that has been brought back to life by many make-up artists and YouTuber’s. So what is this ‘baking’ I speak of???

So baking is an old technique originating from Victorian era and as I have mentioned above it is very popular today. celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have used this technique for some time. I have been doing this ‘baking’ process for about a year now, trying all different types of powders to see the results. 

‘Baking’ is used to highlight certain area’s of the face such as the under-eye area, the center of the nose, under the check contour, the chin, cupids bow and the forehead. I mostly use this technique for the under-eye and under check contour areas. It make’s the area light and bright. This process really does make your contour clean and defined. It also make’s your make-up stay on longer. Another major perk of ‘baking’ is that it stops your make-up creasing under your eye. When this happens it can be a real pain so this is the best way to avoid this and ensure those dark circles are hidden. 

So by this stage you are possibly wondering what’s involved and no…it’s not as time-consuming as baking brownies or cookies and there’s no major clean up!!! After you have applied your foundation you then apply a light concealer and blend it into the skin. Then for the ‘bake’, you apply a translucent loose powder to the area’s where you have concealed or wish to highlight. You can use a brush or beauty blender for this process. Although I am not a major fan of the beauty blender, I do believe this is the best tool for this process. You then dab the powder onto you face and leave it to ‘bake’/set. After 5-10 minutes brush off the excess powder off your face using a fluffy brush…and BAM… your good to go!! I usually apply my eye make-up while ‘baking’ so I am not wasting time.  

The results speak for themselves. Your make-up looks flawless and perfectly contoured and highlighted. It really does make your make-up last longer and keeps those under-eyes looking fresh.You can also use a banana powder for this process. It’s especially effective on those nights out and little touch-ups are needed. As the make-up is being ‘baked’/set into the skin, do ensure you remove it with the correct products as it can be drying to your skin. I used to use it on my chin but now I don’t tend to do it there because this is where those dreaded blackheads can appear. 

‘Baking’ is a great way to ensure your make-up lasts all day. You don’t need any expensive products, just some time and patience. Now to go eat some cookies!!!

Áine xox


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