Skin Care Sundays – Clean & Clear -Yay or Nay ???

‘Clean & Clear’ is a well-known brand owned by Johnson & Johnson that we see of the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacy’s. It’s a brand that is available in over 46 countries and focuses on skin care. In my late teen’s I used this brand and I really noticed results with some of their products.I recently have purchased some of their products again to see if they still deliver the same results. 

The following are 5 products I have used recently:

  • Morning Burst Skin brightening Facial Cleanser. (€5.79)
  • Black head Clearing 2 In 1 Wash and Mask. (€6.49)
  • Deep Action Cream Cleanser. (€4.49)
  • Essentials Duel Action Moisturizer. (€5.49)
  • Black head Clearing Cleanser. (€4.49)


Morning Burst Skin brightening Facial Cleanser:clean-n-clear-brightening

This is a facial cleansing wash used in the morning to give you fresh glowing skin. The fragrance from this product certainly does wake you up and feel refreshed. The product contains caffeine, lemon and papaya extracts. After using this product my skin felt slightly tight but it did feel refreshed and the beautiful fragrance certainly does wake you up. The only downfall with this product for me is that if you get some product in your eyes (especially when washing off the product) it stings like hell!! I would advise removing this cleanser with a damp cotton pad rather than splashing water on your face. I have also found with using this product daily my skin has dried out a bit so if you suffer from dry skin, you should probably stay away from this product in my opinion. Overall it’s great to wake you up and make you feel refreshed at those 6am starts but I would not use it long-term as I did find it really drying.


Blackhead Clearing 2 In 1 Wash & Mask


Although this is a facial wash and a mask, I only really used this product as a mask. I placed the mask on my T-zone where my blackheads occur from time to time. The reason I would not advise this as a wash is because it can really irritate your eyes and sting really bad. I don’t have sensitive skin or anything and this still happened. As a mask it is defiantly deep action and I really did get great results. I’d advise to leave the mask on for 10-12 minutes until it dries fully and then remove it with a cotton pad and warm water. It did clean my pores and I used this product weekly. I didn’t want to use it everyday as I feel that because it stings my eyes so much it may be harsh on my skin with prolonged use.


Deep Action Cream Cleanser  


I really loved using this product. It has a beautiful minty fragrance and this one DIDN’T sting my eye’s (too much). It really does the same as the 2 in 1 mask but this is more of a daily product. You really feel it tingling and working deep into your skin. It does a good job of removing make-up although I prefer to use this cleanser on a make-free face as I feel this gives me the best results. I usually get the odd breakout on my chin and a few enlarged pores on my nose and this has really helped these areas. If you have oily skin this would be a great cleanser for you as it helps get rid of excess oil and cleans your pores. I found after long-term use it was slightly drying to my skin so be sure to use plenty moisturizer.


Essentials Duel Action Moisturizer


This is by far the product I love the most from this brand. This is an amazing moisturizer. It dries in so fast yet the skin feels super moisturized. It makes a great base for under your make-up. This is also great if your skin feels a tad dry so I always use this after using their other products. I do feel as with all their products this should be used when you have a breakout as there are active ingredients in this product. As much as I like it my Clinique one is far better but there is like a €40 difference in the price so it’s agood product for its price.

Black head Clearing Cleanser


OMG!!! When I first opened this bottle I was hit by the strong fumes!! I mean I compared it to nail polish remover!! I couldn’t believe I used to use this product and I was slightly scared to put it on my skin. My Clinique is my favourite and it calm and gently on my skin so I was afraid this would really irritate my skin. Even though it has a really strong smell I have to say this product does really work. I really noticed the spots on my chin clear up after about 5 days of use. There must be some strong stuff in this intense smelling bottle . I would only recommend this product when you have a breakout as I really don’t feel it will do your skin good after long-term use and BE SURE to AVOID the EYE area!!!


Final thought

Overall this is a great brand for helping with oily skin, acne and during breakouts. The products are oil free so if you do not have oily skin you may like me find the products very drying with long-term use. If I has to pick one product it would be the cream cleanser. You really do feel refreshed and your skin e squeaky clean!!  All the products listed above are all under €10 so it’s a super affordable brand.


Yay for oily and spot prone skin.

Nay for dry skin.

Áine xox


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