Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit – Yay or Nay ???

So I was looking for a cheap powder contour that I could have in my handbag for easy touch-up’s throughout the day. I went to my local Boot’s and came across the brand ‘Seventeen’. I knew of this brand but I never really heard anything about it so I decided to pick up some of their products.They have a well-rounded range with lots of products at affordable prices. 

The price of this contour kit is a steal at just €7.59. It comes in a small black case. Inside there are two pressed powders. One shade is a dark brown and the other a lighter shade. The exterior packaging has the shades on them so you can easily see the shades if there is no sample available. I have quite pale skin but wear a warm foundation colour but I find this is great for a range of shades. I use this contour kit when wearing my light and darker foundations. 

The light shade is in fact a bit disappointing but does set my concealer. Be sure to have a light concealer under this shade as it does not brighten as much as you would need it to. The darker shade I am totally in love with and I wear it everyday. It bends perfectly. I use my Real Techniques contour brush to apply this contour or my Blank Canvas F31.It really defines the check bones. I Prefer a cream contour for my nose so I don’t use this product on my nose. It also it great for the top of the forehead and down the neck and shoulders. 

The product has a mirror in it which is in fairness of good quality but as this is a powdered product, it does get dirty easily from the fall-out. Other than that its great and is a nice size for doing your make-up on the go. The packaging is not that hard wearing and has gotten scratched easily. I’ve now hit pan on both shades..I know it’s upsetting to hit pan (for me anyways) but at least it means another shopping trip soon!

If you’re looking for a good quality affordable contour kit this is a great option. It also is great to set other cream contours that are similar shades. I’d give it a 7/10 because for the price you are paying you so get a good product. 

Áine xox


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