Inglot Duraline – Yay or Nay ???


Inglot is a great brand and over the past few months I have been collecting lot’s of their products. I like to try out all different brands of make-up and as a store opened in my area last year I can’t help but go in for a browse and come out with some eye shadow. My partner even comes home with a surprise eye shadow sometimes and tells me to add it to my palette…how sweet right? He knows the way to my heart alright!! Anyway, I have this product a couple of months and at first I used it a lot, then it was just left on the shelf but recently I’ve been using it more so I decided now would be a good time to do a review on this product.

What is Duraline???

Duraline is a very versatile product with many uses. It is a clear water-like liquid that can be used to intensify the pigmentation of powdered products into a waterproof liquid. It can also be used to intensify eye liner. It can even turn a powder eyeshadow into a liquid eye liner. This is great for experimenting with colours. I’ve also found it can bring dried out products back to life. I had a MAC gel eyeliner pot that had dried out on me. I lest it upside down hoping the oils would come to the surface but they didn’t. I was going to throw it out but I just put it at the back of my make-up drawer. I only added one drop of duraline and it’s like a new product. You really only need the smallest bit and the dropper applicator is great for getting the right amount of product. It also can be applied to lipstick to increase the pigmentation and make it go on easier and last longer. Really the possibilities are endless!


Duraline retails for €12 and can be bought in  Inglot stores and also on their website.

My Thoughts:

At first I did have to play around with this product. I now use it on a regular basis and it’s great for experimenting with colour as you can change any eye shadow into a liquid eye liner. It’s lightweight when it dries but do give the product time to dry. It has really given me more possibilities as in the past if I bought an eye shadow or a palette and the colours were not that pigmented I would have just put it at the back of one of my make-up drawers but now I can make these shadows more pigmented by adding one drop of this product. I do however have one thing to STRESS!! I find it’s best if you scrape the powder onto a lid or a mixing palette and then add the duraline. I have before added a drop straight to the pressed shadows and was not happy with the result.It was harder to get the right consistency and slightly ruined the shadow. I don’t think this is really advised anyway but you may think it’s a faster way but I would NOT recommend it. I would give this product an 7/10. Its great and versatile but I don’t use it everyday. I mostly use it when I’m going out or just experimenting with make-up looks.

Áine xox


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