Finding A Cheap Amazing Make-up Buy!!!

It really does put a ‘pep in my step’ when I get a beauty bargain. Today I went to a local pharmacy to pick up a face mask that was just stocked at this store. It’s such a small pharmacy but stocks great brands even the Balm.While I was there I glanced at all the available brands and brushes and ended up buying a small haul. I seen a contour stick for €7 so I decided to pick it up and give it a go. The product I picked up is the’Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick’ in the shade medium.I really liked the design so I was eager to get home and give it a go. 

As I have said above it’s just over €7 which I believe is a great price for this product. The packaging is basic and shows you how to apply the product. This is great for someone who is new to the world of contouring. It also shows you the product on the back. I bought the shade medium and it really is a great fit.

I love the design. One end of the stick is the light shade and the other end is the darker shade. The stick really allows precise application and is especially great for the cheekbones and even the nose. It blends in really well. I use my Blank Canvas F31 brush to blend it in and it really does a great job. I do find i have to apply a good bit of the lighter shade to get it to show up but once i use a light concealer under it comes out a lot better. The darker shade is just the right tone and is a buildable coverage. It’s a great product for on the go.

I really do recommend this product. It’s such a great buy at a really affordable price. I used it today for my daytime look and was so pleased with it. I skill opted for my other contour palette for my going out contour but this is really best for daytime. The dark shade can be used for night but the light shade just blended into my foundation and didn’t really lighten it. I wear a darker foundation when going out as I usually have tan on. It’s an 8/10 from me. I think I’m going to buy the darker shade tomorrow and give it a go with my darker foundation. It’s also great as you don’t need any other brushes for applying the product just one for blending.

Áine xox



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