Benefit They’re Real -A benefit To Your Eyelashes ???

TheBenefit’ cosmetics brand first came on the market in 1976. Since then, they have become a popular brand.I have tried some of their products years ago and really enjoyed them so lately I’ve been stocking up on some of their products. Today I am going to be reviewing the mascara and the tinted primer from their ‘They’re Real’ range. I bought mine after Christmas and have been using them on and off since then. 

As always I’ll mention the price first. The mascara retails for €26 and the tinted primer retails for €25, so to buy them together would set you back €51 which is quite pricey! I however did not pay this. After Christmas I was lucky enough to purchase one of their gift set’s at sales price. I purchased the gift set for €37. the gist set contained the mascara, a lip tint,tinted primer, a bottle of pore fessional and a brow gel. If I was to purchase these products separately I would have paid over €100 so I really got a good deal. What amazes me is I got all this for less than what the two products in this review cost me. I do think these products are over priced.

I really had high hopes for the mascara and I was quite disappointed. It is not that black in colour and I really had to build up the product. It dried fast so when I tried to apply more it got clumpy and my lashes all stuck together. It’s a good mascara for day time but if your going out or want a dark full-lash look I would not recommend this. For the price it does not impress me and I don’t think I would be repurchasing this again. One thing I will say is it is really long wearing and I had no fall-out or ‘panda eyes’. It’s hard to get off so a good eye make-up remover is a must to really get it all off. It does give a good lift to the lashes when used with a curler.

The tinted lash primer is brown in colour. I applied it before applying the mascara. I was impressed with this product and it worked great with all my mascara’s. Its lightweight and doesn’t feel think on the lashes. I put this on my lashes before applying my false lashes at it blended in perfectly. You can wear it on its own as it is very natural. It was long wearing and I had no fall-out. I had no clumping issues. I have mixed feelings about recommending this product as yes it’s nice for under false lashes or on its own for a natural look, but I did not really notice a difference when I applied my mascara over it. Maybe it’s because the mascara clumped to the primer product. I would recommend it for under false lashes but I’m sure your own mascara can work too.

I’m glad I tried these products and I’m happy to have them in my make-up collection. They are very pricey and for a product this expensive I really want to be satisfied with it and I really am not. I believe there are better products out there even at a cheaper price. This is just my opinion. Before I got it I read some great reviews online but I really would not be raving about them. 

Áine xox


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