Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, It’s Valentines Day, What Do You Do???

It’s a day that certainly divides opinions and by some people a holiday for ‘young couples’. Many people can really feel under pressure to go all out on this holiday. If you look at shop entrances, they are full of nothing but chocolates, roses, candles, cards and teddy bears. It’s seen as a day for ‘Love’but should we not show our love to our significant other everyday? When you hear people say that they don’t want anything for Valentines Day or that they are not doing anything for it, do they actually stick to it? If they get nothing will they be upset? Certainly bar’s, cinemas and restaurants hugely benefit from this holiday but it can be costly on the person paying. And if you don’t wine and dine your partner why do people stick up their nose? 

So myself and my significant other are together 6 years and this is our 6th Valentines Day together.  Two years we have  gone for dinner and drinks. One was spent munching on chocolate in a hospital as I had a kidney infection during my pregnancy. The last two years we have gotten a take-away. This year I’m cooking dinner as normal. I really don’t see why on this day we have to go out for a meal? A crowded restaurant where I can barely hear my partner isn’t my cup of tea. It suits me better to go for next week as it’s mid-term and a babysitter is easier to come by. And my motivation is we haven’t gone out since last september and best of all I have a voucher which we got as a christmas present. When I was younger I really fell into the whole hysteria around this holiday but now I really don’t celebrate it. My partner and I agreed we were getting nothing for each other but that when he got home from work tonight, we would sit down and watch a movie together. I did wake up to 6 roses (since our first Valentines Day he has bought me a rose for every year) but this was sentimental. 

When I checked my Snapchat and Facebook this morning it was full of loving posts and pictures of items people had received. It’s almost like a competition now. Who spend’s the most, who get’s the most thoughtful and luxurious gifts, I was really shocked. Why is it such a competition? If someone only got a rose and a teddy, why are they being judged? And have you seen the price of roses this year??? Social media and the media really blow up this holiday. Why are men judged running into shops last-minute to raid the shelves?

To me it’s the thought that counts. Valentines Day can be a gentle reminder to show more love and appreciation to your partner but we should not be judged on what we get or where we go. We should show love and appreciation to our partners everyday. We should do random acts like buying flowers or planning surprise dates throughout the year. 


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