Mac Prep & Prime Fix + – Hype Or On Point ?? ?

If you watch YouTube video’s or listen to celeb make-up artists, you will surely have heard about ‘MAC’S Fix +. As I am now on my fourth bottle of it, I decided now would be a good time to review this product. I have worn the brand MAC since I was about 12 (my first ‘branded’ make-up) and although I have now discovered new brands and products, I still buy many of their products today as I tend to rotate foundations and love trying out new products. So let’s get to it! 

I firstly will start off with the price. The product retails for €22 and I mostly purchase mine at BT2. It comes in a clear signature MAC bottle with MAC’S signature pump and contains 100ml of product. It’s a skin refresher and finishing mist, hence the name ‘Prep & Prime Fix +. You can prep your skin and finish your look with this product for the perfect dewy finish.

When I first got this product, I honestly bought it due to the hype and how lovely the bottle looked. My Fiancé told me that “paying €22 for a bottle of water is crazy!!”. Men and their view on make-up products never ceases to amaze me. When he read my last blog on ‘how many make-up products do we put on our face’ he couldn’t believe the price of all the products. He then wanted to know why I needed so many. He honestly thought foundation blush and eye make-up is all that was ever applied. I’m training him well now and his knowledge is slowly growing. (I now get make-up surprises).

So back to this product.I use this product even when I’m having a make-up free day. It really refreshes your skin and give you a healthy glow. The fragrance from the product is suttle but fresh. I instantly feel refreshed and awake. I don’t really use this product as a primer but I have done in the past and it gave me a great finish to my foundation.

Another great use for this product is to enhance pigmentation of products. Apply one spritz to your eye-makeup brushes and the pigmentation really darkens. This is really my favourite use for this product. Some other similar products I found watered down the eye-shadows and they did not really apply smoothly but this product really is a game changer. I also like to use it after I CTM my skin. It’s like an extra hydration boost. I have never had a reaction to this product and it hasn’t broke me out in any way even when I use it on its own.

The price is a little steep but it’s a MAC product so you pay for the product and the brand in my opinion. I used my first bottle really quick so I’m trying to use this product in small amounts now as it is really easy to go overboard. I love the finish it gives to my make-up look and its great if your foundation goes a little patchy.

Overall I really love this product. It’s a great investment. Don’t make my mistake and think you need like 4 sprays at a time. I now use 1-2 sprays at a go. It will really enhance your eye-shadows and bring that eye game up to the next level. If I was to put a rating on this product I would put an 9/10. It’s 100% one of the best finishing products I have tried and I love the finish it gives. It’s also really versatile and long wearing. Have you used this product? What’s your view?

Áine xox


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