Finishing Up With Real Techniques


Today’s blog focuses on the ‘Real Techniques’ finish brushes. These brushes are sold individually but can also be purchased in sets, such as their travel essentials set. There are also two finishing brushes in their ‘Bold Metals’ collection which I won’t be including today as I am planning on writing a full blog post on this collection. The finishing brushes are a shiny hot pink in colour. I also managed to purchase each one for under €10 which is great that they are this affordable. They were the final brushes I bought except for the blush brush which was the first ‘Real Techniques’ brush I ever purchased.

Whats Included:

Blush brush 

Stippling Brush

Setting Brush

Retractable Kabuki Brush

Retractable Lip Brush 

Sculpting Brush

So, lets start at the top of my list with the first brush I ever purchased, and that is the blush brush. At first I thought this brush was far too bit and I would not get a precise application. What I found is the opposite. This brush is slightly dome-shaped and the ends are tapered. The brush is great for blending out blushes and also contour. This is an award-winning brush and I can certainly see why.In my opinion, I believe this brush works better with powder blushers as I feel I need a smaller brush when I apply my cream blushers. This really is a great buy and for €9.99, a total steal. As I have done with other brushes, I managed to get this brush on sale. The normal retail value is €14.99. Be sure to shop around!!

Next in line for me to scrutinise is the setting brush. I adore this brush. instead of using a beauty blender, I use this brush for my bake.It’s the perfect size for the under-eye area and holds the right amount of product.This brush also works great with my powder highlighters as its tapered and just the right size. This brush will set you back €7.37 and really is worth every cent. 

We then have the stippling brush. I don’t really use this brush if I’m honest but I did test it out so I could do an honest review of the brush.It did give a great finish, almost the same as a beauty blender. I used this brush when I had finished my make-up. It make it look even and took off any excess product. I only use it for doing this so I probably would not purchase it again. It cost me €11.99. I waited for this brush to go on sale as its normal retail price is €17.99. If I had of paid full price I would have been very disappointed as I don’t really use this brush. It’s also the first of my brushes from this entire collection to shed some hairs.It also doesn’t wash well. This is the first brush that I really would not recommend. 

The retractable kabuki brush is another handy brush for on the go. It’s a great brush to just throw in your handbag as it’s totally covered. I mainly keep this brush in my handbag and use if for applying powder throughout the day. I don’t think the quality is as high with this product as it did come apart but it was easy fixable. I got this on sale for €11.33 and the normal price is €16.99. 

The retractable lip brush is a great little asset to my growing make-up collection. It’s retractable and comes with a lip so it’s great to have on the go. It’s thin enough to use to apply my liner and outline the lips and it applies an even coat of lipstick. I can’t fault this brush. It applies both gloss, matte and normal lipsticks flawlessly. I got it on sale for €7.00 again on sale.

Last but not least we have the sculpting brush. You can use this for foundation but I use it to apply my primer. it really does spread it out evenly. I even used it to apply by BB cream and tinted moisturiser and it gave a great natural finish. It’s also pretty versatile. I also managed to apply my contour and blush with this brush and it done an ok job. This brush is really an all-rounder and a really good quality product. I feel this finishing brushes can be used for what ever you desire. It cleaned great and lost nothing. Super impressed.I bought this on sale for €9.99 and its €14.99 when not on sale but I advise waiting as with the savings you can buy more brushes!


I really try to be fair about my ratings. I rarely give a 10/10 because there can always be a better product out there. I have used similar brushes so I believe these ratings are in comparison to other products out there. Overall I would recommend these brushes, especially to someone who is just starting out buying make-up brushes as there are many uses for the brushes.

Blush brush: 8/10

Stippling Brush: 3:10

Setting Brush: 8/10

Retractable Kabuki Brush: 6/10

Retractable Lip Brush: 6/10

Sculpting Brush: 6/10

Final Verdict:

So, my final verdict is, apart from the Stippling brush, they really are great quality brushes and are at a very affordable price. They are super versatile and a great asset to a growing collection. They clean great and apart from the same brush mentioned above I had no bristles falling out.  I would love to know your thoughts on these brushes and if you like this brand. I bought my brushes in Boots, so my pricing is all done from them.

Áine xox



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