Real Techniqes – The Eye Individuals


As you may have seen from my other blogs, the ‘Real Techniques’ brand has a great eye collection. They also have some individual brushes available. There is however not a huge selection so if you purchased the eye brushes collection, you have most of their eye brushes available. There is however, two collections with in this range. There are the ‘normal’ purple eye brushes (three available) and then they have eye brushes in their ‘bold metals’ collection. I will today be focusing on the purple brushes as I plan to do a full review on the entire ‘bold metals’ collection. So here is my thoughts on the following brushes available. 

What’s Available: 

Lash Brow Groomer

Shading Brush

Silicone Liner Brush

The lash brow groomer is no different to any other lash brow groomer I own. It does the same job as any other one so this for me is not a must buy. I personally wanted to have the whole collection so this was my main reason for purchasing. I keep this one out on my vanity and I have another one that I have had for years in my make-up bag in my handbag. I do personally prefer the spoolie from the brow kit to groom my brows. 

The shading brush is a great addition to my eye brushes. It picks up a lot of product and blends out great. It works best I believe with cream eye shadows and was easy to clean. I have also used it to apply highlighter and it works perfectly. The one this I love about this brush and the brand is that if you feel the brush isn’t doing it for you, you can always find a new purpose for it. they really are so versatile. 

Finally there is the silicone liner brush, which I have mentioned before. I love this little brush. It works best with a gel liner and really brought up my liner game. It’s a great tool for getting those perfect wings. Its small in size and this is great because you get a more precise and steady application. It cleans so easily and holds just the right amount of product. This really is a great addition.

Let’s Talk Numbers:


Lash Brow Groomer: €6.99

Shading Brush: €11.99

Silicone Liner Brush: €5.99


Lash Brow Groomer: 5/10

Shading Brush: 7/10

Silicone Liner Brush: 8/10

Final Thought:

Again they are great quality brushes and they are at a super affordable price. I would recommend these brushes to anyone but if you already have a groomer this brush is not going to do any different. The shading brush is great for applying that cream eye shadow just right and I had no shedding issues. 


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