Real Techniques – The Individuals Base.


So as I have been reviewing the ‘Real Techniques’ brush’s I’ve been mainly  focusing on their brush collections, but they also have some individual brushes that I really wanted to try. The single brushes are available from their base, eyes, finish and sponge collections. Like i have said before I like to collect and have complete sets so I knew I would go purchasing these products. I will say that the brush sets seem to be the most popular in shops as I had to go to three different shops to find their individual blush brush. Like many stores, some shops will have a better selection than others and also you can get these brushes on sale also. The brushes are colour coded. Orange for your base brushes (foundation, powder, concealer and contour), purple for the eye and brow area (eye shadows, brow products &brow shaping) and pink for their finish brushes (blush, setting, sculpting, stippling and lip).

Individual Brush List:

  • Angled Foundation Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Expert Face Brush
  • Retractable Bronzer Brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Expert Concealer Brush


The angled foundation brush worked great with both my liquid and powder foundations. There was virtually no streaks and I was really happy with the finish. The angled cut didn’t really make a difference to my application. The brush size is defiantly better than the pointed foundation brush for sure.

The powder brush is a large dome-shaped brush, similar to the blush brush. I also tested this brush in applying my ‘Bare Mineral’ powder foundation and it did a solid job. The brush maybe is a little to big for the pot, but it applied and blended it smoothly. It was also a great brush for dusting off any excess powder from my bake.

The expert face brush is 100% my favourite foundation brush from their whole collection. Its soft and fluffy and foundation application is fast and smooth. If you are purchasing these brushes as individuals I would recommend this brush over the angled foundation brush.

I found the retractable bronzer brush a great product. It gives you two types of finishes. If you put it out fully, you can cover a large area evenly with your favourite powder. You can also make the application denser by not letting it out the whole way. I did this first to apply my bronzer and then let it out completely to blend it in. It’s a great brush for the handbag too as its covered and cannot get damaged.

So the concealer brush was next for me to be put to the test. I don’t really have much to say about this brush. It worked best with my liquid foundations. Again, the angled bit didn’t really make much difference to my application.

The expert concealer brush is without doubt a better buy. This is a new brush added to their expanding line. It is rounded in shape and is nice and fluffy. It applied my concealer flawlessly. I have in the past prefered a more flat brush for my concealer but this brush did give me the finish I wanted. I would suggest getting this brush instead of the concealer brush.


Angled Foundation Brush: 5/10

Powder Brush: 8/10

Expert Face Brush: 8/10

Retractable Bronzer Brush: 7/10

Concealer brush: 5/10

Expert Concealer Brush:8/10

Price List Based On My Purchases:

Angled Foundation Brush: €14.99

Powder Brush: €12.66 (sale)

Expert Face Brush: €9.99 (sale)

Retractable Bronzer Brush: €11.99 (sale)

Concealer brush: €11.99

Expert Concealer Brush: €6.75

Áine xox


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