How Many Make-up Products Do We Put On Our Face Daily??

It’s no secret that make-up can give you more confidence and enhance your look. I don’t wear make-up everyday, but when I am out shopping or at college I will always have it on. I just feel more confident when I am wearing make-up. If i’m at home all day or just running to the shop for milk, I won’t bother will the hassle. Applying make-up can be time-consuming, but for me exciting. As a busy mum, sometimes my escape is the 20 minutes or so I get to apply my make-up. (i’m more of a make-up person than hair) I love trying out new looks, shades and idea’s in my spare time. (which is hard to come by with a toddler, puppy and a house to take care of!)

So today I was alone, in front of my mirror about to apply my make-up and the thought came into my head, just how many products do we layer on our faces daily? How many chemicals do we pack on? Lets take a look at the product list to see how many numbers I ran up today. I done my make up today as I was shooting one of my YouTube videos. Here is my list from morning until night.

  1. Cleanser
  2. Exfoliator
  3. Toner
  4. moisturiser
  5. Nose primer
  6. Facial primer
  7. Concealer
  8. Foundation
  9. Concealer
  10. Translucent powder
  11.  Pressed Powder
  12. Bronzer
  13. Light Contour (cream & powder)
  14. Dark Contour (cream & powder)
  15. Highlighter
  16. Eye shadow base
  17. Three eye shadows
  18. Lash Primer
  19. Pencil eyeliner
  20. Gel eyeliner
  21. Mascara
  22. Lip liner
  23. Lipstick
  24. Lip gloss
  25. Blusher
  26. Fixing spray
  27. Cleanser
  28. Exfoliator
  29. Toner
  30. Moisturiser
  31. Eye brow Gel
  32. Eye brow pencil

Wow!! That is thirty two items, all only applied to my face!! I never thought about it like that. This really highlighted just how important to me a good skin care routine is to protect our skin from the chemicals some of these products contain.

I’d love to know how many products you apply to your face daily? Can you match or beat my number? This got me thinking, just how many products do I own? How much money does one spend on make-up? I do spend  a bit of money on beauty items, but this is just a hobby I like to collect. My fiancé collects games and plays them, and this is my hobby. So I added the cost of each product together, and the figure was……€523, excluding any brushes!!

I really though this was an interesting topic, not the value of the products, but the sheer amount of product we apply everyday.

Áine xox


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