Chocolate Bar Cravings Continue – Eye Shadow Palette!!

Testing Tuesday:

So today is Tuesday which means its ‘Testing Tuesday’ here on my blog. I decided as you may know from my last review I recently picked up the ‘Make-up revolution’ chocolate palette. So today I am putting the next palette in their collection to the test. This is the black palette so I’m guessing it’s dark chocolate.  So yes, I picked up another ‘I Heart Make-Up’ ‘Chocolate vice’ eye shadow palette by ‘make-up Revolution’. I mean how could I resist? Especially after purchasing the other one. I have this strange OCD with make-up, I NEED to have it in every colour. I feel the need to have a collection. My fiancé thinks I’m crazy from time to time but it’s just like a video game collection or a book collection. So here is my ‘Testing Tuesday’ review and I hope you like it.

The Price:

So as always, first things first, I must talk about the price. The cost of the palette is only €12, the same as the previous palette. I really this think this is a good price considering you get sixteen shadows. I must say it really is super affordable. 

The Packaging:

So being honest the exterior packaging is not the best, it’s the same as the previous palette I reviewed. One thing I have noticed is that the shades in the palette are slightly different to the ones advertised on the package so if you are looking for certain shades I would strongly suggest looking at the sample or opening it to take a peek (once you have permission of course). But then when I consider the price, what does one really expect from the exterior packaging? The palette is nice. There are nude and brown tones and then one pink tone which seems random if I’m honest. When I opened the palette, the pink tone is more of an orange tone which I found disappointing. Again, it comes in a very hard sturdy case so you could carry it in your bag no problem and not be afraid of it breaking. The palette also has an amazing mirror, perfect for doing your make-up on the go. It can be hard to get a palette with a good size and good quality mirror and I have carried the palette in my bag just for the mirror.   I really have mixed feelings about this palette. Again, this palette comes with the sponge brush as I call it. I haven’t used one of these since I was like 10 and they are not the best make-up tool or a make-up staple. So, if you are travelling be sure to pack your make-up brushes.

The Eye Shadows:

So, as I mentioned above, this pallet comes with 16 shadows. It has a mix of both matte and shimmer shadows which make it great for day and night. It also has an ok selection of colours, but I find myself using other shadows in conjunction with these to create a wearable eye look. The tones range from nudes, browns, dark blue and orange. The pigmentation is I found is not as good as the previous palette and I did have some fall-out when applying the shadows.  So Yes, there was a bit of cleaning up to do around my eye area after applying and I did have to use my finger to build up pigmentation on the lid. 



Final Thought:

This is a good product if you’re on a budget. There is a good choice of shades and it is great that it contains both matte and shimmery shadows. The brush is disappointing but when you spend lots of money buying brushes (if you’re like me) then it really doesn’t matter if it has a good brush or not. I was however disappointed with the pigmentation as the first palette was great but I will continue to monitor this and I will keep you posted. I can’t wait to try the other pallets and explore this brand.

Shade Names:


















Áine xox


YouTube review video coming this evening!



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