Skin Care Sunday – Clinique 3 Step?


Skincare is an area that I am extremely passionate about. When I was in 5th class in school, a beautician came to talk to us girls in the class about all things beauty. The focus was on skincare as we were coming to an age where we wanted to try out make-up. Ever since then I have religiously cleaned, toned and moisturised my skin. I try my best to do it twice daily but sometimes my mornings just don’t have enough time so a quick wash is all I have time for. Some people think that using all these various products can be time consuming but if you make it a habit, you won’t believe how fast it can be done. There are thousands of different products out there all claiming to do wonders for your skin, so each week I will put as many products to the test. I will be catering to all budgets as I have found that drugstore products can do the same as the more expensive products. I hope you enjoy today’s blog, please note that our skin types vary so you may need a similar product in the same range.

The Brand:

These products I have been testing now for the past two months and they are from the brand Clinique. The one thing that stood out to me was that they catered to a wide range of skin types.

They cater for:

  • Skin Type 1: Very Dry to Dry.
  • Skin Type 2: Dry Combination.
  • Skin Type 3: Combination Oily.
  • Skin Type 4: Oily.
  • Acne Solutions.

On consultation I was told that I have dry to normal skin so I was offered products within this range. Clinique focus on a ‘three step system’ which includes cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. As I knew I was skin type one I could view products in this range. It’s great knowing what skin bracket you fall into as I was later able to view more products online that could benefit my skin.


The cleanser I have been using is ‘the extra gentle cleansing foam mousse’. The mousse had no real fragrance and was light and gentle on the skin but skill removed my most stubborn make-up which really impressed me. It left my skin feeling fresh and not tight or tingling in any way. This product is 100% fragrance free and I try to keep away from fragranced products as they can irritate my skin. This product is €23 for a 125ml so I believe it is a good price for the product, the product is long lasting as a little bit goes a long way. After using this cleanser my skin has cleared and brightened dramatically so I would 100% recommend this product and this range. This product for me in without doubt a 9/10.


So, this is the second step in the process. Again, this is a fragrance free, allergy tested product and alcohol free. There is no real smell to the solution. The solution is water like and clear. At first I was a little confused by this product because any exfoliators I have previously used have been thick and rough on the skin as well as containing those microbeads that are much debated. I wondered how this product would exfoliate my skin when it went on silky smooth? I placed some solution on a cotton pad and rubbed it all over my face. I then left it on my skin for a minute before washing it off with warm water. I then splashed cold water on my face to close those pores. I must to say I was pleasantly surprised with this product. Although it is so gentle on the skin it really helped exfoliate and clear up my skin. My skin was never tight, irritated, or tingly. This product gets an 8/10 from me. This product retails for €23 for a 200ml bottle which is again long lasting.


So, this stage of the process gets slightly pricier. I purchased two moisturisers so you only really need one but I wanted slightly more protection from my moisturiser. I firstly purchased the ‘Superdefense SPF 20 daily defence moisturiser’. This comes in a 50ml pot and retails for €54. I know its pricey!! The consistency is quite thick but it goes on smooth and my skin felt protected and smooth. I found this was long lasting and great for morning to really brighten up the skin. It also worked great under make up and was also a great base for my make-up and added to the overall finish of my foundation.

The second moisturiser I picked up was the less pricey ‘Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +’. This was for my skin type. I bought the 50ml bottle which retails for €24. This made my skin glow and was extremely long lasting. My skin was soft and silky smooth and I even received comments about my skin while wearing only this product. It’s also lightweight and my skin really feels healthy while wearing this product. I would give both these products a 9/10. Its personal choice which one you like as they both have a different consistency and skin benefits but the price difference can be a deciding factor too!

Final Verdict:

This is a great range and is ideal for any skin type. I have quite good skin but I’m human and from time to time I suffer from a chin breakout or those random check and forehead spots. These products really helped my skin and now these breakouts are rarer. My skin has really benefited from the fragrance free and alcohol free aspects and is never red or irritated They are pricey there’s no doubt about that as my total bill was €124 (thank god for Birthday money!) but that was with a second moisturiser so taking that out it would come to €70. I believe these products will last me about 6 months so sticking to this skincare routine will cost €140 a year. And be sure to look out for their gift sets that can be good value and contain these products. You can purchase starter sets for between €30 and €35 for 50ml to 100ml bottles so if you want to test the range this could be a good option. Overall the range gets an 8/10 from me and I can’t wait to try more of their products and dive into their make-up range.

Áine xox


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