Real Techniques Core Collection – A Core Part Of Your Make-up Bag?


After purchasing the brow set I decided to also purchase the ‘Real Techniques Core Collection’. I had two reasons and they were that I wanted to have the full collection because I am weird like that and the brush colours look nice on my white vanity. The other reason is I wanted to see how well they performed in comparison to my more expensive brushes. While travelling, or going by day to day, I wanted a small set of brushes that could work and that were also inexpensive. You can purchase the brushes in this collection separately but as I love to try have the whole collection it was just easier to purchase the collection. The brushes in this collection focus on the face area as opposed to the eyes or lips.


Lucky day again for me as I picked mine up on sale from Boots for €19.99. The normal retail value is €29.99 but I have seen them on sale in numerus drugstores so I believe you can get them cheaper than the original €29.99 price tag. I just logged onto the real techniques website and there they are currently €17.20, a total steal! You’re getting four brushes for this price and a travel case for the brushes.

What’s Included:

There are four shiny orange brushes included. They call these brushes the four steps to complete coverage. I will put this to the test! The Four brushes included are:

  1. Contour Brush
  2. Pointed Foundation Brush
  3. Detailer Brush
  4. Buffing Brush

The contour brush is great for applying a powder contour or a powder highlighter but it didn’t meet my expectations for blending out cream contours. It did the job but took twice as long as blending out the powders. It is the perfect size for contouring the check bones and for outlining the face but too big to contour the nose area. I mainly use this brush for my darker contour as it does soak up quite a bit of pigment. It is a good contour brush and does get the job done.

The pointed foundation brush was very disappointing for me. I’m team brush ahead of a beauty blender so I really had high expectations. I felt that this brush lest streaks in my foundation and I always had to use another brush when applying my foundation. The brush is also too small for a foundation brush which was a downfall also. I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this brush for my foundation but it is a great brush for applying cream contour. Improvising!! The pointed tip makes it an easy and precise application. So yes, although I find it a disappointing foundation brush it still is good to have to apply that contour.

The detailer is a small brush used for concealer. It’s the perfect size to tidy up your eye make-up and eye-brows, but is a bit on the smaller side for applying the concealer to the under-eye area and forehead but this is just my preference and it does work but takes a lot of time to blend in the area. It’s also great to tidy up your lipstick. It’s a good brush for small tidy up’s hence the name detailer brush!

Finally, there is the ‘Award Winning’ buffing brush. This is a powder brush and I really love this brush. It applies powder perfectly and does not soak up a lot of product. It is also great to brush your face with after applying foundation to even it up and take away any excess foundation. I also apply my bronzer with this brush from as it really does apply the product evenly. It’s my favourite brush in the ‘Core Collection’ and the one I use daily.


The packaging is a shiny orange and just like the brow set, you can see the brushes through the packaging. This is great as you can really get a proper look at the brushes and bristles. Their packaging is attractive, simple and clean. The products really stand out and look attractive on the shelf. The brushes come in a white case which is grey on the inside and converts into a brush stand which is a pretty cool idea and looks attractive on my vanity when I have them out. I do however have the same problem with the white case. It got dirty easily in my makeup bag and it was hard to scrub the make-up off, so really the case isn’t white anymore unfortunately. This is minor but for such a useful and attractive case it was disappointing. But I’ll get over it and just make sure I put the case in a separate department. (or just get over a smudge of make-up on the case!!)

Those all-Important Ratings:

I really try to be fair about my ratings. I rarely give a 10/10 because there can always be a better product out there. I have used similar brushes so I believe these ratings are in comparison to other products out there. Overall I would recommend this brush set, especially to someone who is just starting out buying make-up brushes as there are many uses for the brushes included in this set.

Contour Brush: 7/10

Pointed Foundation Brush: 4/10

Detailer Brush: 6/10

Buffing Brush: 8/10

Final Thought:

It is a great quality brand and the pricing is very affordable. My brushes haven’t lost any hairs yet after a couple of weeks using them. I really wanted to put these brushes to the test and not base my review on a first impression. There’s nothing worse than applying your make-up and having hair fall off your brush and get stuck on your face under your foundation. The brushes are all made from synthetic materials and are quite easy to clean and are 100% cruelty free. There is a brush cleaner in the range but I have stuck to my usual brush cleaning routine but I will try out their brush cleaner and see if there is any difference.

Áine xox


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