Real techniques Brow Set – Good tools??


So, my eye brow’s and I have a love hate relationship and they are definitely sisters not twins! When I try to leave them, and let them grow to fill out I just can’t help it but go at them. Anyone else have the same problem? Soon I will be going under the HD brow journey and I can’t wait to tell you all about my brow journey. As for tools go, and by tools, I of course mean make-up brushes, there are many different types of brushes available and really it’s just personal preference. I decided to pick up this product at my local drugstore and put the brushes to the test.


So, I was lucky enough to grab them on sale for €17.99 but the normal retail value for this brush set is €26.99. I find that if you shop at Boots, they can have great 3 for 2 offers or buy one get one half price. I also find that different retailers have these products at different prices so be sure to shop around.

What’s Included:

The set contains three brushes and two tweezers. The first tweezer is an angled tweezer. This is just like any regular tweezer if I am being honest but still does a good job at gripping those hairs. The next is a detailing tweezer and I am in love with this one. This is pointed and makes getting those small fine hairs a breeze and really has helped me define my brow look. I wouldn’t purchase this product just for the tweezers but they are a great asset to have in your makeup bag. They are also very useful in applying false lashes and have a great grip.

Next is the slanted brow spoolie. This is smaller compared to other spoolies I own but this is by far one of the best. The small head allows you to tame your brows and the slant allows you to tame your brows while not blocking your line of vision in the mirror. It really is a great design and I have been using this now in my brow routine.

Next there is of course the slanted brow brush. Again, the slant has the same concept. Here however the slant is more convenient as you can see exactly where you are applying your product and your line of vision is not impaired in any way. The brush is a nice small size and the angled brush allows better detail and precision. The brush for me works well with both powders and gels, I have been lately using a powder but I have tested it with gel too. I am currently using an INGLOT brow powder in conjunction with some benefit brow products. This is a great design and really has helped my brow game!

Finally, there is a slanted arch definer. I like the idea of this but being honest I used it once to define my arch and haven’t since. There is a YouTube tutorial of how to plot your brows using this product but I just follow my natural brow shape so I don’t bother with this step. I have however found a good use for this brush, I use it to smudge eyeshadow under my eye. So, I do still use this brush, just not for its intended use.  


The packaging is purple and one thing I love is that you can see the brushes through the packaging. This was great as I could have a good look at the brushes that were included. Being honest, the packaging attracted me to the product. The brushes come with a white case with grey on the inside. It’s great that for this price you are getting a case as well as the brushes and by pulling a string, you can turn the case into a stand which is a great and useful idea. The only problem for me is the white case. It got dirty easily in my makeup bag and it was hard to scrub the make-up off, so really the case isn’t white anymore unfortunately. This is minor but for such a useful and attractive case it was disappointing.


I really try to be fair about my ratings. I rarely give a 10/10 because there can always be a better product out there. I have tried all different types of brow tools so I believe these ratings are in comparison to other products out there. Overall I would recommend this brush set. 

Angled tweezer: 6/10

Detailing tweezer: 7/10

Slanted brow spoolie: 8/10

Slanted arch definer: 4/10

Slanted brow brush: 7/10

Final Thought:

The real techniques brand are of great quality and are at an affordable price. This brow set is a great one-buy for someone in need of brow products or someone just starting into the world of brows and make-up. It comes with everything one needs to define and fill in your brows. If you have fair fine brows maybe you would get good use out of the slanted arch definer but for me I just wasn’t feeling it. The brushes are all made from synthetic materials and are quite easy to clean and are 100% cruelty free. They would be a great gift for anyone especially I believe for someone starting off with make-up as they are very affordable and have everything you need to apply and keep those brows banging!!

Áine xox


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