A Make-up Chocolate Bar ???

So it’s January and we are all trying to shed those extra pounds we put on over the Christmas period (me included). I’m trying to eat clean and exercise everyday now and let me tell you, it is NOT easy. So today is Tuesday which means its ‘Testing Tuesday’. I decided I needed some retail therapy today so I took a trip to buy some new make-up. I don’t know about you guys but I am a CHOCOLATE lover so you can only guess how excited I was to walk in the door of a shop to see a chocolate bar eye shadow palette. My theory is if I can’t eat chocolate I might as well wear it. So yes I picked up the ‘I Heart Make-Up’ ‘I Heart Chocolate’ eye shadow palette by ‘make-up Revolution’. I mean how could I resist? The best bit is there is not just one pallet, there is a whole collection. So here is my first ‘Testing Tuesday’ review and I hope you like it and I haven’t made those chocolate cravings worse!

The Price:

So first things first I have to talk about the price. The cost of the palette is only €12. I could not believe this, hence why I picked up the collection. This make’s it super affordable for all. The pallet contains 16 eye shadows,so for €12, it really is a very reasonable  price.

The Packaging:

So being honest the exterior packaging is not the best and it was the open sample I was drawn to. But taking into account the price, what does one really expect from the exterior packaging? At the end of the day it is more than likely going to end up in the bin anyways. The palette however I have to say I am really impressed with. It is a very hard sturdy case. You could carry it in your bag no problem and not be afraid of it breaking. I could not believe the quality of the pallet with a price of €12. So the pallet gets a 10/10 for that and that’s not all. This also has an amazing mirror, perfect for doing your make-up on the go. A good quality mirror in an eye shadow pallet can be hard to come by so this is really a winner. You could comfortably do all your make-up using this mirror. So yes so far I have nothing but praise for this pallet but this is a minor drawback but it’s not a major problem, and that is the brush. It has a sponge brush as I call it included. I haven’t used one of these since I was like 10 and they are not the best make-up tool or a make-up staple. So if you are travelling be sure to pack your make-up brushes.

The Eye Shadows:

Now for the exciting bit! So this pallet comes with 16 shadows. It has a mix of both matte and shimmer shadows which make it great for day and night. It also has a good selection of colours to create the perfect smokey eye. Be sure to check out the colour swatches below. The tones range from nudes, browns, purples, pinks and a beautiful golden shimmery shade. You really have a lot of options with these shadows. The pigmentation is great and I had no fall-out when applying the shadows so far, which I am so impressed with considering the price.



This is a great product and really is excellent value. If you don’t want to drag your expensive pallets around this really is a good quality and sturdy make-up pallet. Yes the brush is disappointing but when you spend lots of money buying brushes (if your like me) then it really doesn’t matter if it has a good  brush or not. I can’t fault the pigmentation and I will keep you posted in regards to fall-out. I can’t wait to try the other pallets and explore this brand.

Shade Names:

  1. You Need Love.
  2. Piece Me Together.
  3. One More Piece.
  4. Love Torn.
  5. Stolen Chocolate.
  6. Thank Friday.
  7. More!.
  8. Pleasure Girl.
  9. Meet Chocolate.
  10. Unforgivable.
  11. Love Divine.
  12. Smooth Criminal.
  13. Chocolate Love.
  14. You Need More.
  15. What a Way To Go.
  16. Endorphins Ready.

Áine xox

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