Late Spring Clean…!!!

2018-spring-cleaning-headerWith just eight days left of May, we are just days away from entering the summer season. It’s also a time when we go through our wardrobes and box up our woolly jumpers for the Autumn. With the current good spell of weather in Ireland lately some people may have already dug out their summer dresses, shorts and maxi’s and ditches the Chelsea boots and woolies…!!! Doing this can mean a pre-summer cleanout. It’s not all doom and gloom though as the more you get rid of the more you can buy to replace them…!!! (That’s my motto anyways…!!!lol!!!) This can be a daunting task and I’ve been putting it off for weeks, but yesterday I decided to tackle it!! Continue reading “Late Spring Clean…!!!”


Face Jewels…!!!

This is a craze that has been getting bigger and bigger every year…and I’m not talking about for Halloween…!!!I now see more and more people at concerts and nights out wearing these ‘face jewels’. Over the past two years, we have seen Celeb’s really embrace this trend at Coachella. You can make it as OTT as you wish or simple and understated. It’s not just some studs on the eyes, it’s full-on face jewels…almost like a work of art. Stars such as Venessa Hudgens all seem to look totally stunning with their designs.  Continue reading “Face Jewels…!!!”


Royal Wedding Round-Up…!!!

Its been twenty-four hours since Harry and Meghan said “I DO” and no matter what social media site you are on….it’s all wedding talk. As a bride to be I was eagerly awaiting this event to get some inspiration for my own special day. It was the wedding of the year and hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Windsor to catch a glimpse of the happy couple. Even though it was a very high profile event there was the sense that this was a more ‘laid back’ affair that Kate and Williams wedding back in April 2011. So here’s your round-up of the event…!!!

Continue reading “Royal Wedding Round-Up…!!!”


JLO hits Inglot…!!!

Ever since Inglot announced this collaboration I was so excited!!! I really like the Inglot brand, especially for their eyeshadows. They are seriously pigmented and for what you pay you really get a large pan of eyeshadow that will last you ages. Their successful freedom system has also really attracted me to the brand and I have filled my own palettes with my own colour schemes. Quite often we buy palettes and only really use a couple of colours so this system has allowed for us to make our own palettes with our favourite shades. Other brands have also introduced the same concept. I knew when they announced this collaboration that the shades would be classy and elegant and they did not disappoint!!! From eyes, lips, face and nails….JLO has got you covered!!! Continue reading “JLO hits Inglot…!!!”


Denim Season….My Top Picks!!!

The denim trends never fade away and now with the nice good weather here we can finally ditch our denim jeans for some shorts and skirts. Denim is a fabric that doesn’t date and there are so many fashion opportunities for how to wear this fabric. Today we see denim garments with bright embroidery designs almost giving us that festival look. In the past couple of years, we have seen the denim trend move to other colours instead of blue…like look at our staple black jeans!!! Now we see the original dark and light blue denim coming back into fashion. I love denim as you can look both casual or more formal if you wish. Its the perfect material for those festival looks our Instagram will be filled within the coming months. I’ve even hopped on the bandwagon as I’m attending ED Sheeran’s Phoenix Park gig this Friday and I themed my outfit around a dark denim button-up skirt. My sister showed me her outfit and she has a denim jacket. So this blog is looking at some affordable denim pieces that will have you right on trend this early summer..!!! Continue reading “Denim Season….My Top Picks!!!”


Kylie Cosmetics Momager Collection First Glance…!!!

We may share different mother’s day’s as in Ireland we celebrated the day on the 11th of March. In the states, it is celebrated on the 13th of May which was two days ago. To mark the occasion, Kylie Jenner introduced her new ‘Momager’ collection to the market to celebrate. I love some of Kylie’s products buy hate the extra customs charge at my end!!! As with every product the successful business woman launches, the has been a huge amount of hype. It’s not the first time she has gotten collection inspo from her famous clan with lipsticks named after her sisters and her grandmother. Kylie’s collection even features a clip art of her mom with her acquired title of ‘Momager’. So let’s take a closer look at this new collection… Continue reading “Kylie Cosmetics Momager Collection First Glance…!!!”


My top 3 Bronzer’s…!!!

So here in Ireland, the sun has been shining and with it some hot temperatures!!! (It’s not lasting long) Everyone is dusting off their summer wardrobes and I love this time of year. With this summer weather, we can finally get that sun-kissed glow and what better way to enhance it…? A little bronzer!!! Weather you like a light or dark bronzer…with these picks your sure to find one that suits you.  Continue reading “My top 3 Bronzer’s…!!!”


Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler Expert…YAY or NAY…???

It’s been a while since my last post and today I finally sat the last exam of my degree!!! (yay me!!) So…I have decided to write up a new YAY or NAY post as I don’t know what to do with my time now!!! I’ve spent the last number of weeks with my head in the books and now I can actually type up something interesting!!! Continue reading “Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler Expert…YAY or NAY…???”


Tangled, Damaged or Dry Hair?? Yay or Nay!!!

My hair and I have definitely had a love/hate relationship. I started getting highlights and dying my hair about seven years ago and recently noticed how dry and damaged my hair really was. I longed for the soft smooth silky hair I once had before putting peroxide onto my hair. I have tried countless conditioners and at home treatments to try to rectify this issue but most lest my hair soft but looking super greasy!! (eww!) I found that I would have to use an extra three or more squirts of some conditioners to try to get those knots and tangles us long-haired ladies have to put up with. A beauty blogger I have followed for the past year recently launched their own beauty brand and introduced a haircare product to the market, so once I saw it in a pharmacy I decided to try it out and see if it could help my situation.  Continue reading “Tangled, Damaged or Dry Hair?? Yay or Nay!!!”


SoSu Brushes First Glance!!!

Image result for sosu logoBeauty Blogger Suzanne Jackson is widely known now after the huge success of her contour kit. Since it’s release Suzanne’s brand has gone from strength to strength. From palettes, nails and eyelashes, it really is turning into a great makeup brand. Suzanne even had a successful clothing line called SOSU by SJ but decided to focus on the beauty side of her business. She is an excellent example of an entrepreneur who stuck with her passion and is slowly building an empire. I admire how she does not rush products to the market but instead ensures they are properly tested and of a good quality. She is very open on her social media sites about her products and future aspirations. She also picked up the ‘VIP Style Award’ for ‘Most Stylish Woman’. Continue reading “SoSu Brushes First Glance!!!”

Glow…Glow…Glow…My Top 3 Highlighters !!!

Summer and festivals aren’t too far away now and hopefully and we will all be looking for that stunning highlighter glow!!! With so many brands now on the market, it really is just a personal preference of which one works best for you. Some people will want a subtle highlight and some will want to have a dramatic glow. Whatever your preference, highlighter can really transform your look and enhance your photos. So why has highlighter become such a big deal…?? What’s its purpose…?  Continue reading “Glow…Glow…Glow…My Top 3 Highlighters !!!”

My Top 5 Liquid Eyeliner Picks…!!!

It may take some practice and we may not get it right first time but a good liquid eyeliner is key to achieving that flawless wing. There are so many products currently on the market, it can be overwhelming to try to find one that suits you. From pots to pens to stamps, there really are lots of choices out there. Below are my top 5 eyeliners for getting that perfect look. Continue reading “My Top 5 Liquid Eyeliner Picks…!!!”